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Tray Design Considerations

Prompt and thorough processing of a tray inquiry usually requires a minimum of information as listed in the tray design data sheet shown at left, although unique conditions and needs will often dictate the necessity of special design considerations. Providing more information at the inquiry stage prior to placement of the purchase order is highly recommended by Mapesa for several reasons:

  • This information can be very helpful in order to provide the most accurate pricing for the product that will ultimately be designed and manufactured.
  • Potential tower trouble spots can be checked and alleviated or totally resolved.
  • If existing equipment in a tower is being replaced, it is very important for the supplier to know the reason for the change. For instance, sometimes a corroded tray will be replaced with the exact design presently in a tower. (In this case, it would be logical to assume without further data that the performance of the tray was satisfactory). However, a different type of design or tray may be necessary if an increase in capacity is required.
  • A tray that is known to experience excessive vibration, heavy liquid or vapor loading or pulsation should be noted as such. This will prompt us to propose our special dislodgement resistant trays that will increase its serviceable life and greatly reduce the potential for unnecessary tower shutdowns.

It should always be considered that with any change of equipment, whatever the reason, an opportunity exists to improve other aspects of the equipment design, whether it be an improved metallurgy, process or mechanical design.

MAPESA is ready to help in the process of selecting and designing the optimum equipment for the needs of its customers. We realize the importance of up-front design considerations. For instance, we know that designing tray and tower attachment drawings for new vessels can be accomplished at an early stage, long before the vessel design drawings have been completed. This can potentially save extensive vessel piping and platform re-engineering time.

MAPESA is a ISO 9001:2015 certiefied company