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Valve Trays

In addition to our standard general purpose valve (the one piece “MP-1” which is recommended for its low cost and efficient performance in most applications), MAPESA offers and in many cases stocks a wide variety of valves to meet any of our customer’s needs in applications where valve trays are an option. The next page describes some of the valves available.

MAPESA equivalent valves are identical to the original manufacturers design. These high quality valves allow us to offer very competitive prices on replacement of existing valve trays regardless of who originally manufactured the trays. All patents on the popular valve trays have expired, so there is no longer any need to pay excessive prices for replacing existing equipment.

The valve tray depicted below is a two pass design with center downcomer baffles, sloped downcomers and joint configurations.

MAPESA is a ISO 9001:2015 certiefied company