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Description of Valve Types

A general purpose standard size valve, used in all services. The legs are integrally formed with the valve for tray deck thickness up to 0.25 inch. Anti-stick dimples are standard. A non-rotating feature can be obtained by utilization of an optional deck opening. Flush-seated and multiple weight valve options are also available.

A low pressure drop standard size valve, that utilizes a venturi-shaped orifice in the tray deck which is designed to substantially reduce the parasitic pressure drop at the entry and reversalareas. The permissible tray deck thickness is 16-10 gauge. The venturi opening results in a lower vapor rate flexibility as compared to the square-edge orifice.

The most popular form of the 3-piece valve for maximizing vapor rate flexibility. It is comprised of a lightweight orifice plate, a valve unit and travel stop or cage. The orifice cover can completely close. The valve unit provides a 2-stage effect while the cage holds the 2 moveable units in place. The cage has legs integrally formed that rest on top of the tray deck, with tabs that bend back below the deck.

Same as the MP-A1 except the orifice cover is omitted.

A unique rectangular-shaped valve. The valve is oreinted parallel to the liguidflow direction, providing lateral vapor release and a closed upstream edge tominimize weeping.

A fixed valve similar in appearance to the MP-V1 unit in a fully open position. The legs of the valve are formed integrally with the tray deck. The flexibility of the MP-V0 is similar to that sieve trays and is desirable in services prone to fouling.

A fixed valve, have been successfully applied in a variety of fouling services.

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