Welcome to MAPESA, manufacturer of complete line of mass transfer internal equipment
for use in Refining, Chemical, Petro-Chemical and Gas Processing Industries.


A complete line of mass transfer internal equipment

MAPESA has an engineering and production support with more than 40 years of international experience, which distinguishes us as innovators in engineering design and cutting-edge technologies by proposing diverse forms of assembly faster and with savings of bolting and assembly times. 

Key company positions in Engineering, Manufacturing and General Management are held by former employees of Glitsch Dallas and Glitsch Monterrey. 

MAPESA Manufacturing facilities are located in close proximity to the old Glitsch Monterrey plant.  We have benefited from the ability to bring in a culture derived from the experience of the top employees from the Glitsch Monterrey shop. 

Similarly, we have an office in Arlington (20 miles from the main Glitsch headquarters) where our higher level mechanical design is accomplished by former Glitsch designers. 

Our production team is committed to the values of quality, safety and hygiene that guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. That is why today we have the ISO 9001: 2015 certification, to guarantee compliance with the quality standards demanded by the national and international market.

Our company is equipped with machinery and tooling to manufacture virtually all standard products in house. We do not relay on outsource manufacturing which would limit our ability to control and expedite product delivery. We offer a complete line of internals for trayed (Sieve, Bubble Cap, Valve, etc.) and packed towers as well as Reactors. We can provide a quick turnaround for any vessel internal replacement for any job ( Regardless of the original manufacturer). We also fabricate equivalent of the following grids: AEF 25 A, Flexigrid 2 and Flexigrid 3.



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MAPESA is a ISO 9001:2015 certiefied company